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Our Mission

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National Services and Trading

The company deals with all business departments as well as governmental departments. The field of work ranges from professional cleaning to maintenance of all kinds. Our scope of work is very diverse

We excel in cleaning services of all Kinds

Furniture Cleaning
Curtains Cleaning
Cleaning Machines of all Kinds

We Also Offer the Following Services

Representation of Commercial Companies Local and Foreign Factories
Importing and Exporting
Marketing All Materials and Equipment
Catering Services
Construction Work Services
Supply Work Services
Electrical Work and Maintenance Service
Heating Cooling and Air Conditioning Maintenance Service
Office Furnishing and Maintenance Service
General Operation and Maintenance Service
Business Stationary and Office Equipment Service
Computer Maintenance Service
Gardening and Landscape Work Service
Spraying Insecticides Service
Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Service

Note that our work is not only limited to the listed services

National Services and Trading Orig.

Group:Commerce,Services Category:scs Year Est:1996

Adress :1st fl.,Bloc a San Giorgio ctr.,Al ltimad Str.,Bouchrieh Mailin P.OBOX:55553 Sin El Fil

Activity:Cleaning Materials Trading,Cleaning Services
Specifications of Activities:cleaning all kinds of funiture and tiles,insects killing,washing moquettes and carpets,glass and aluminium

Owners:Michel M.Bou Khalil,Joseph M.Bou Khalil

Bank:Credit Libanais Projects:Saudi National Commenrcial Bank,Credit Bank,Lebanese University(Headquarters)